Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Top 7 Similarities of Business and War

Business Strategy and capturing market share is somewhat similar in many regards to war strategy. How so you ask? Well below are the similarities listed for your consideration. And before I introduce them to you, I am not suggesting war is good or evil. I believe it is merely a formality of political impasse amongst humans and good or bad is irrelevant, as it just is.

Surely it would be best to have no wars and killing ones own species seems a bit problematic and nevertheless if you enemy is trying to kill you sometimes the defense of such leads to unfortunate circumstances.

Now then here are some parallels of business and war below and perhaps they will be of value to you for philosophical discussion?

1.) In war you have an opponent and your opponent wants what you have or you are trying to get what they have; market share.

2.) In war you fight many battles over the course of the war in many territories or markets.

3.) In war intelligence of your opponent is very important and in business you need to estimate you competitions next move.

4.) In war there are many aspect you need to control such as the air, ground and sea; in business you are also interested in controlling multiple market segments and servicing those customers better.

5.) In war you must be efficient with your supplies; such a fuel, food and such; in business efficiency means higher profits.

6.) In war you must hold the territories that you capture. In business you must maintain market share once you achieve it.

7.) In war you must defend your army and your country. In business you must defend your brand name and price points, by using many different methods.

Next time you are thinking about business strategy, winning markets and market share and then defending what you have achieved consider if you will the relationships to war strategy. In doing so you may see the game from another perspective and this may help your business. Think on this in 2006.

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