Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Change Management and Politics

Each time we throw a scoundrel out of public office we see the problems of disruption in organizational capital and in business we too see this all the time with management turnover, mergers or simply normal attrition. In the Public Sector it can be far worse as one team or staff is not re-elected by their constituents and a team is voted into office.

Yet the issues are the same really and imagine the disruption when your entire team is thrown out of a corporation, an on-going company and a new team is put in place. Fine they get there and then what? Exactly the problem indeed, now what.

Well in the private sector this often happens and then everything is disrupted, bad decisions are made and a new person comes into office, with a whole new staff and team. Guess who really loses in all of this? You guessed it the taxpayers and citizens. More waster, inefficiencies and it takes months for them to settle into place, meanwhile nothing new gets done and they are not able to make good on their campaign promises at all?

They can't and if they force the issues, we see immediately the laws of unintended consequences. Change Management and Politics and politics needs to be done much smoother and the transition much more controlled if the citizens are to be served properly. Please consider this in 2006.

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