Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Courts and Politics - There is Supposed to Be a Separation, But I Cannot See it Anymore!

There are three branches of our government in the United States of America, and the Supreme Court is the law of the land, and there is supposed to be a separation between the other branches of government (legislative, executive). Unfortunately, this Supreme Court has become far too political, and I fear they are leaning us towards socialist tendencies. And many of the cases they decide to take, and the decisions they render, seem to coincide far too often political events, and the timing makes it all suspect.

Okay so, you probably want me to give you a couple of examples, because perhaps you are a liberal leaning socialist, and you want to make sure that whatever I say comes with examples, so you can blow it out of proportion, take my words out of context, and to defeat my premise, or theory. The only problem is you're not smart enough to do that, because if you believe in socialist societies, and that very fact, well, it proves that you are lacking in IQ level [in my opinion], or you really don't care about the United States of America. [In my opinion, which is CYA so you can't sue me.]

Below are two examples, they are very recent examples;

Gay Marriage Ban was overturned just before President Obama is scheduled to be in Los Angeles for a Fundraiser.

Arizona immigration law parts and clauses ruled unconstitutional day before protests and it was supposed to go into effect.

Still, these are only two examples, and it is occurring more and more often. Worse, I hereby charge the US Supreme Court with abandoning their sworn duty to uphold the US Constitution, and therefore have come to the conclusion that their administering of "The Law of the Land" has been compromised. What does this mean? It means that there is no longer justice in the United States of America, it has been corrupted.

Now then, I love my country, or obviously I wouldn't be writing this, but when the leadership of this nation is unfit to lead, and they are allowed to nominate members to the Supreme Court, and the legislative branch of our government approves those nominations, we find that we have one political party which has infiltrated all three branches of government, and we no longer have checks and balances.

The other problem is government is moving too fast, and when the Supreme Court is in cahoots with a fast-moving socialist-style political push in our government, we have a problem that we should all be concerned about. Now then, one could say that everything is fine, but that wouldn't be the reality, and the further this goes down the road without the pendulum swinging the other way, the harder it is going to be to fix in the future to keep our nation safe and sane.

Further, if we are going to run our country more like a straight democracy than the Republic that it is, and if we are going to continually elect populist-like presidents, then eventually our country will be run by mob rule, and anytime we get a large group of people protesting in the streets, the Supreme Court will do whatever it takes to calm them down, along with all the politicians.

This is a slippery slope that we are going down, and if we continue down this path, we will end up like many of the countries in Europe, and last time I checked they weren't doing so well. The United States of America is a great country, because it has a representative government, and yet, now we find that our politicians are willing to and are obliging the mass media which incites the mobs, and if our Supreme Court is willing to do the same, then no one is safe, nor can the citizenry, businesses, or future generations know what will happen next.

Such uncertainty in society and civilization, in economics and industry, or in politics and our court system cannot bring forth the desired results for the continuation of such a great nation.

Indeed, I see a storm on the horizon, one which no one is prepared for, and one which our government is either afraid of or will not take the necessary steps to protect the American people, rather making the potential eventuality much worse.

Is this where freedom goes astray, are we living in a society which is doomed to repeat, even when the obvious is right before our eyes? And who are these characters on stage, these people we call leaders, these podium pushing politicians who claim they are the answer?

They are the problem, not the answer.

Please consider all this.

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